In today’s dynamic challenging industries where technological innovation is a standard norm, HONG KONG ENGINEERING (HKE) has a long history of supplying an extensive range of sophisticated product & services from handling broad M&E turnkey projects to design & fabrication of advanced resin mixing systems, precision temperature controlled systems and materials that deliver innovation to the special needs of the customers.

HKE’s business philosophy includes design & service of customer-focused products that can be used with confidence, rigorous approach to create values at competitive cost aligns with the customer appliations and continuously seeks to surpass its present performances.

HKE’s technological expertise supports the diverse manufacturing industries in the mechanical & electrical solutions through CAD system designs, modular material handling solutions, precision heating, specialty pump systems, injection molding, thank farm and fabrication of advanced resin mixing systems to industrial OEM turnkey projects.

The origin of HOCK KEONG ENGINEERING dates back to 1980 as it started off as Singapore Based Company. We provide high quality mechanical & electrical services, design planning, installation, test and evaluation to a wide variety of MNC clients.

With the increasing needs of our customers, Hock Keong expanded her operations to China in 2002. Hence, Hock Keong Technology (SIP) Co.Ltd was established and Hock Keong M&E Engineering (SIP), a joint venture with a local China company, was also set up to specialize in M&E and renovation works.

Today, Hock Keong Engineering serves a wide range of clientele through a dedicated groups of engineers and technical support team form Singapore and China.